The Nordic Storm Malmøya

The Nordic Storm Malmøya

The Nordic Storm shoot on Malmøya in Oslo.

Development of marketing materials for the clothing brand Storm

Project start: March 2020


During the COVID-19 period, we developed and marketed our own linen shirt collection. The brand will focus on online sales through its own online store and it became natural to invest in varied video content aimed at digital advertising. WE were also responsible for still images, website design and online store setup.


Type of ads:


  • FB ads

  • IG ads

  • SnapChat ads

  • Display ads

  • Google Ads



  • Setting up website

  • Create video ads

  • Take still pictures

  • Create a online store


  • Facebook Basic Black
  • Vimeo - Black Circle



Tel: +47 900 60 701



Jernbaneveien 4

0667 Oslo

Entrance: Studio Ask