We wish our customers and partners a happy new year!

We look back on 2019 as one of our most busy years ever. Many productions, mixed with great variation in the type of content and customer base. Not least, we finally sold and showed the TV series Over Land on NRK, which we have worked passionately with for several years. With an average of over 480,000 viewers per episode, we can say we are satisfied with the result, which was produced on marginal budgets.


2020 is just around the corner and will on that occasion go through some of the highlights from the year that has been.

January 2019

The year started with a trip to Gran Canaria where we filmed the first season of Norwegian rednecks in the South. It was a real pleasure to get to know this somewhat unusual gang, at the same time as you got to make entertaining TV. Our task was to film Erik and Annsofi and their trip. Erik was a fairly new cast in the series, and it was therefore extra exciting and shaping content with him and his cohabitant.


Erik and Annsofi were one of the most used characters in the series during 2019, which is not so strange as they come up with a lot of tricks. What a trip and what an experience! Many thanks to Black Sheep TV, Morten A, Mia, and Morten S for the assignment!

February 2019

Together with Sporenstrek, we had the opportunity to make new campaign films with Amalie Iuel as an ambassador for Coop Extra. The assignment was for Pulse Communications, and on a recording day, we produced a long list of content for social media.


Amalie was a professional and took both script and direction as easily as just that. The result was cool little, healthy recipe movies for everyday life.


This type of production testifies to the fact that you do not need large crews and budgets to produce good advertising campaigns. A team that cooperates well and has a good plan, streamlines the day of admission, and provides a good return on investment. The films are produced in Studio Ask's premises in Bryn.


Many thanks to Pulse Communications for the assignment. Not least a big thank you to my good friends in Sporenstrek for another well-done project together. A team of Norway's best photographers and food stylists can be found at Sporenstrek: www.sporenstrek.no

February 2019

Quite a notch intact with the Extra campaign, we produced another influencer campaign. This time with Pia Seeberg for Prior. Two productions quite similar to each other for the same agency, Pulse Communications. Here, too, we made short inspirational films with Prior's products.


Together with Sporenstrek and in-house resources at Pulse, we completed a number of small campaign films for social media.

March 2019

The collaboration with the content agency Pressworks will have much of the credit for making 2019 as content-rich a year as it was. Together with Pressworks, we have produced a number of content films for, among others, RiksTV. A documentary twist in a commercial world provides increased credibility and entertainment value, often on limited budgets and deadlines. We do not forget the interview we did in a hurry with Jørn Lier Horst in Larvik!


Many thanks to Christian and Bjørn Audun for an exciting year together!


Pressworks is a platform that makes it easier for companies to order content for themselves only when you need it. If you do not have your own marketing department, Pressworks can be a platform you should check out.


Take a look at some of the productions here:


June 2019

On behalf of Newslab, we edited a number of campaign films for Elkjøp. The films outlined a number of awkward everyday situations where you may need a little help. Elkjøp has the solution and has therefore made a number of "how do you do this" films.


The campaign went by the name "ask us".


Many thanks to Newslab for the assignment and the trust.

July 2019

Tine wanted to raise awareness about youth and what it means to be a farmer in 2019. On behalf of Isobar, we were given the responsibility to film two gamers in what they were to try out as a dairy farmer for 24 hours. The result was a three-part youtube series wrapped in a gaming universe.


We Norwegians are far too bad to use the youtube platform actively on our own content. It was, therefore, incredibly refreshing to see Isobar invest in a series exclusively on this platform.


Many thanks to Isobar for a fun mission.

August 2019

As a storyteller, there is nothing greater than distributing your own passionate project on Norway's largest TV channel. Over Land is a travel series we have worked with for over three years and fully financed from our own pocket.


The series depicts a travel companion as they move around half the earth in search of unique landscapes and cultures. Their goal is to drive a car from London to Mongolia, 22 000km, and two traveling months. 


For us, this is the biggest thing we have achieved in our career and we hope for more exciting travel programs in the time to come.


An extra thank you to iProduksjon who took on the series's editing process at ultra short notice!


Over Land you can watch on NRK TV.


Across Land, from London to Mongolia



August 2019

Much of the autumn was spent in Crete, where we filmed a new season of "Norwegian rednecks going on holiday." This show is about a group of hillbillies living their lives a little bit differently than regular people. The show has been airing for about six seasons in Norway. To extend the format, they are not traveling on holiday abroad.  


In total, we participated in five weeks of production and filmed several different couples during their holiday on the Greek Island Crete. The result will be on Max & TV-Norge this spring.


We can at least guarantee madness from end to end! This was an enjoyable and entertaining production to participate in. 


Thanks again to Black Sheep TV for the assignment!

September 2019

In connection with the launch of Munkholm's new product, "Munkholm Ipa," we filmed several social media films together with photographer Veslemøy Vråskar. 


The agency Marvelous wanted a cowboy theme for this campaign. We, therefore, found an older barn outside Oslo, which we thought fit perfectly!

Many thanks to Veslemøy and Marvelous for the assignment.

See the the-behind-the-scenes film here. 

September 2019

We got to produce the campaign films for Gilde's new fast and ready meals, made with homemade sauces and good ingredients.

Together with Sporenstrek, we produced the "temptation pictures" - In the campaign. Director Trond Fausa and Try produced the stories and added our scene into the final campaign.

November 2019

Gilde's new Christmas campaign, "Julegildet" with Petter Pilgaard, needed pure recipe films in his campaign.


Petter Pilgaard visited three different farmers with a rich tradition of Christmas food. Each of the families competed to serve the best Christmas food.


Sporenstrek was commissioned to adapt the dishes and produce four recipe films in two filming days. We created a beautiful, rustic universe, and the films were then sewn into the final campaign. The films became stand-alone recipe films, which were posted on youtube.

The films have been cut and completed by Try.


You can watch the films in their entirety here:

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