Norwegian redneck on holiday - Season 2

Role: Cinematographer


New-season of "The Norwegian redneck on holiday." This time they travel to Greece and the beautiful island of Crete. Thirty-two episodes of the series were produced during a two-month production. The TV-show airs on Discovery Networks in June 2020. 

Every week there were new participants that we followed, and up to four sequences were produced every day throughout the week. In this type of production, you are responsible for directing as well as filmmaking. 

This is the cast we have been following:

  • Daniel and Hilde

  • Erik Røv with mother and father

  • Erik Røv with his friend Vegard

  • Christian and Monica

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  • Producer: Mia Mjaaland

  • Director: Morten Andresen

  • Photo: Peter Bryng

  • Kari Marie Sandbukt

  • Coordinator: Kari Marie Sandbukt

  • Production: Black Sheep TV

  • Finishing work: Filmreactor

  • Channel: Discovery Networks


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