Aputure 300D


Rental price: 1100, - per day 


A very powerful light-kit that fits perfectly as the primary light source. The package comes with Aputure 300D, 2 C-stands, and 60 * 60 Chimera sails with a selection of diffusers.


The kit is assembled to easily travel by plane or places that are not suitable with large HMI lamps with large ballasts. The brightness corresponds to a 2K HMI lamp.


A V-lock plate is included so you can run the entire light on batteries only.


This comes with:

  • Aputure 300D with remote control

  • Bag for light kit

  • 2 pcs C-stand

  • 1 Chimera sail

  • Three diffuse to Chimera frame

  • Reflector


All prices are excluding VAT.



Get in touch for the availability of the equipment.


The camera is picked up and delivered to our office at Bryn. Address: Jernbaneveien 4, 0667, Oslo.

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