Youtube campaigns for Tine - 2019

Tine wanted and now the young people about how milk production works. They, therefore, invited two famous gamers to try out as a dairy farmer for a day.

With a small crew of two photographers and a director, we produced three youtube episodes with gaming-inspired graphics. Everything was filmed over a filming day with one overnight stay.

We wanted a "playfully," video game look on the videos - and hired a graphic artist to make Mindcraft inspired effects throughout the episodes. 


Photo: Espen Olsen

Directed by Christian Schussler

Photo: Peter Bryng

Idea / concept: Isobar

Clip: Peter Bryng

Graphics: Alex Holm at iProduksjon

Grade: NR14

Sound Mix: Clockwork

Skjermbilde 2019-01-07 16.38.21(2)

Christmas campaign for Kid Interior - 2018


Christmas campaign for Kid Interior. Kid invited four young people to try to shop and cross off their entire Christmas gift list in a single Kid store. This was a social media campaign, distributed on Facebook.


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Photo: Peter Bryng

Idea / direction: Isobar

Clip: Go Electra

Grade: Go Electra

Mini-documentaries for Sprite


Sprite has hired a selection of exciting artists to build its profile in Norway. In this campaign, they portrayed two up and coming artists. Johanna Siring is a fashion photographer located in New York, Julie Aida is a street artist playing with painting and graffiti. I got the raw material from the videographer and got the task to edit two 1-2 min films for use on social media.


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Editor: Peter Bryng

Grading: Martin Håndlykken

PR Movies for National Geographic


National Geographic wanted to promote its new series about Mars. Together with Isobar, I produced three promos where a selection of children at the age of six was given general questions about Mars and what it is like to live upstairs. It was then cut together into a montage of exciting answers. We visited a kindergarten for a day and shot several interviews with the kids. Then we mixed and match the answers to fit our narrative. 


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